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Agile Leader Day 2021 –

Sociocracy 3.0 – A Social Technology for Organizational Agility

Online Workshop 25.6.2021, 9-12 Uhr und 14-17 Uhr

Morning Session (9 am CEST - 12 pm CEST):
Enabling effective self-management with Sociocracy 3.0
An introduction to Sociocracy 3.0 - a social technology for self-managing teams and agile organisations
Sociocracy 3.0 - or S3 in short - is a collection of 70+ practical techniques and patterns around self-organisation, participatory decision-making, adaptive organisational structures and continuous learning. These patterns and techniques are supported and enforced by a set of strong, guiding principles that help you to develop a truly agile culture. 

In this workshop, you'll get a solid introduction into S3 and we will focus (and practice) on how it helps teams to become self-managing in a healthy way. We will discover that effective self-management requires more than the manager stepping aside and giving the team full autonomy. High-performing teams need clear boundaries, together with the right kind and amount of freedom. They need guidance and support in their hourney. 

We will teach you three essential parts of the structure and context around any successful, self-organising team and how to install these in your organisation. Because the right structural constraints will allow and even enable a team to flourish and inspire others to do as well. 

Afternoon Session (2 pm CEST - 5 pm CEST):
Wise and effective group decisions with consent
Tap into the collective intelligence and make powerful agreements without wasting time

Decision making is a crucial aspect of growing successful teams and organisations. The more autonomy a team gets, the more important it is to adopt a collaborative decision-making process that maximises collective intelligence without needing endless conversations. High performing teams have always learned to make smart decisions in an effective way.

In this workshop, you will learn how consent decision making - as defined by Sociocracy 3.0 - helps teams to effectively make and evolve agreements. Sociocracy 3.0 is a powerful collection of patterns and techniques for agile, effective and humane organizations. This workshop will focus on the Sociocracy 3.0 techniques for effective group decision making. Including a real-life demonstration and exercises, so that after this session you can pull these techniques into practice yourselves.

Technische Anforderungen

Ideally, the participants install the 'Zoom Client for Meetings' beforehand. Which can be downloaded at https://zoom.us/download. This provides the best lerning experience. If not possible, you can attend in any browser.



Jef Cumps
Jef Cumps is the author of "Sociocracy 3.0 - The novel", the co-founder of the company iLean and a very experienced teacher and coach supporting all kinds of organizations in their transition towards more agility. He has been working with many teams and leaders to help them facilitate (organizational) change and embrace self-organization at scale.




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